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Communications (selection)

Louveaux M., Metzger M. & Maizel A. (2017). Analysis of cell volume partitioning during plant organ morphogenesis using Fiji and R. NEUBIAS conference, Szeged (Hungary). download

Louveaux M. & Maizel A. (2017). 4D dynamics of auxin signalling pattern during lateral root development. Lateral Root workshop, Montpellier (France). download

Louveaux M. & Maizel A. (2017). Gravitropic induction of lateral root formation with an Arduino. Lateral Root workshop, Montpellier (France). download

Louveaux M., J.-D. J., Mirabet V., Kiss A., Boudaoud A. & Hamant O. (2014). Does mechanical stress influence cell division plane orientation in Arabidopsis thaliana ? EMBO conference ‘Interdisciplinary plant development’, Cambridge (UK). download


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