Biology, Bio-image analysis and Biophysics

I was originally trained as an engineer in agronomy. Understanding complex systems, such as farming systems, requires knowledge from different fields, as well as the ability to discuss with people from various backgrounds in order to gather information, and the ability to train by oneself on new topics. This training gave me the opportunity to develop my ability to adapt to new situations and new issues, and gave me a strong taste for projects at the interface with several disciplines. To satisfy my curiosity toward fundamental biology topics, I then embarked for a PhD. Whereas the PhD is often seen as an overspecialisation in a very focus domain, I had the chance to stay at the interface between physics and biology, work in a multi disciplinary team, and collaborate with scientist from other backgrounds. I developed my skills in biophysics, but also in microscopy, bioimage analysis, programming and statistics, applied to developmental biology. Developing organisms are complex systems, that are changing over time and space. They share common features, but each individual is unique. I have a particular interest for the assessment of spatio-temporal variability and robustness of development from image analysis and from multiple observations.

I like to share my research interests with other scientists from various backgrounds, as well as with a broader audience, from pre-school to adults. This blog is also a way of sharing science.


2016 - today: Postdoctoral researcher. “Study of the morphogenesis of Arabidopsis thaliana lateral root using light sheet microscopy”. Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany.

2016: Postdoctoral researcher (EMBO short term fellowship - 3 months). “Characterisation of the cortical microtubules in the embryo of Arabidopsis thaliana”. Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands.

2012 - 2015: PhD on “Contribution of mechanical stress to cell division plane orientation at the shoot apical meristem of Arabidopsis thaliana”. ENS Lyon. France.


2016: EMBO Short term fellowship - 3 months.
2012: PhD grant from Région Rhônes-Alpes - 3 years.


2012 - 2015: ENS Lyon, Lyon. PhD thesis in Life sciences.
2011 - 2012: AgroParisTech, Paris. Master 2 degree in Plant sciences.
2009 - 2012: Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes. Engineering degree (= Master 2) in Agronomy.


  • Scientific communications (cf. publications)
    • 2 first authors and 1 review as first author
    • 2 co-authors and 1 reviews as co-autor
    • International conferences
  • Teaching:
    • R-software for beginners
    • Image analysis for beginners
    • Statistics for bachelor biology students
    • The cytoskeleton of Eukariotic cells
  • Elementary and pre-school science education
  • Art & Science


  • Microscopy: Light sheet, confocal microscopy
  • Biophysics: laser ablation, nano-indentation
  • Image analysis 2D/3D: ImageJ/Fiji, MorphoGraphX software, Ilastik
  • Data analysis: R software (3D visualization, meshes manipulation, R-Shiny, statistical analyses…)
  • Others: LaTeX, Rmarkdown, Linux


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