Analysing bibliographical references with R

Plots and wordclouds on the references gathered during my PhD thesis

During my PhD, I worked at the intersection between biophysics and plant development. My PhD topic was focused on the study of the contribution of mechanical stress to cell division. To explore this topic, I did a lot of confocal microscopy, but also a lot of bioimage analysis and data analysis. I … Read more
Marion Louveaux

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Raising public interest in the microscopic world

Feedbacks from my experience at the 2018 European researcher's night

I took part in the 2018 edition of the European Researcher’s Night, an outreach event happening every year all over Europe at the end of September, and funded by the Marie Curie Actions. I joined some of my colleagues from my research institute, the Centre for Organismal Studies (COS), to animate an … Read more
Marion Louveaux

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Candy phenotyping

Teaching image and data analysis with candies

Teaching image and data analysis requires to choose an example dataset. Finding a simple numerical and/or text dataset is usually not an issue: such data can be found online, in public databases, or along with the analysis software, as this is the case with the library {datasets} of the statistical … Read more
Marion Louveaux

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Lateral root induction with Arduino

How to use a simple programming Arduino device to simplify biologists life

In my current lab, we are working on the formation of lateral roots of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. For some experiments, we need to observe precise events of the development in a large population of plants, or to synchronize the development of lateral roots over many plants. To do so, we … Read more
Marion Louveaux

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Welcome on my blog

I am happy to start my #hugo #blogdown website with this first post! I am a biology researcher, studying developmental processes in plants. I like fluorescence microscopy, especially when I can do live imaging in 3D. I enjoy a lot programming and making image analysis workflows. And I can’t imagine … Read more
Marion Louveaux

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